GeoMT - Geocaching Multi-Tool

The Geocaching Multi-Tool (GeoMT) Android app provides several tools you might need on a multi-cache route.


This app is deprecated and no longer available in the Play Store. If you want to reinstall the app you can download the APK.



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Upcoming features:

The following features and fixes will most likely appear in the next release:

Explanation of required permissions:

Fine/Coarse Location
Display your location and use it as a waypoint
Wake Lock
Keep the screen alive while viewing maps
Haptic feedback when placing markers
Display map tiles and send crash reports

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your question is not answered here, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Could you please add feature x and y?
Send me an e-mail and I will consider adding it.
Is the source code available for download?
No, the source code is not available.
I would like to translate your application.
Awesome! Please contact me for more details.
Which Android versions are supported?
The app is available for Android 1.5 (cupcake) and higher.


- Fixed: Compatibility with small screens
- Fixed: Issues with pasting from clipboard
- Changed: Numeric keyboard for numeric fields

- Added: German translation
- Changed: Variable waypoint no longer has a maximum number of waypoints
- Fixed: Rare issue with calculating circle triangulation

- Fixed: Parsing issue with different decimal separators

- Fixed: Issue with parsing coordinates in the western hemisphere

- Public release


GeoMT is available for purchase in the Android Market.
The .apk file is not available for download here.


If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me by sending an e-mail to